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Sugarfina Sweet and Sparkling Candy Bento Box

The best things in life are sweet and sparkling. Sugarfina's shimmering candy bento box is filled with a selection of their brightest treats to help you celebrate life in style. Open the festive gift box to discover three candy cubes. Made with Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne, each Champagne bear features flavors of classic Brut and Rosé. The sparkle pops live up to their name, thanks to an infusion of popping candy. Each bubbly bear is infused with Champagne and dusted in sweet and sour crystals for a sophisticated, tasty twist on regular gummies.

Sugarfina travels the world to find the highest quality sweets and partners with artisan candy makers to create exclusive candies for its boutiques. From Paris to Greece to Japan and Germany, Sugarfina finds the most beautiful confections and packages them in signature candy cubes and candy bento boxes. Sugarfina is a first-class trip around the world for your taste buds.
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