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Expecting Mama Double Glass Set | Pink Sands

The double glass and cooler set in Pink Sands will undoubtedly make her feel pampered!  She deserves it as breastfeeding and pumping is hard work!  This pretty yet ultra functional breast milk storage bottle gift set includes:

-One (1) MilKeeper® Insulated Breast Milk Cooler that will keep her milk safe for up to 20 hours.

-Two (2) 5 ounce Glass Breast Milk Storage Bottle to keep her milk pure and safe. Note: one glass bottle fits into the MilKeeper®

-One (1) "Colder than ice" Ice Pack which fits perfectly inside the cooler. Get extra ice packs for extended duration or daily use.

Comes in two neck sizes for different pumps or nipples, and four gorgeous colors worth toting around.


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