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Mila's Keeper Breast Milk Storage Containers Standard The Duo Gift Set | Pink Sands for-on-the-go-cold-storage-and-pumping Mila's Keeper Insulated Breast Milk Cooler -Duo Gift Set in Pink Sands on picnic blanket Mila's Keeper Breast Milk Cooler - Duo Set in Pink Sands

The Duo Gift Set | Pink Sands

The Duo Set is our fan favorite because you can't just get one! Whether you spend time away pumping for work or play, this set is the best way of getting the best of both worlds! This gorgeous set includes:

Two (2) MilKeeper® Double-walled 18/8 Stainless Steel Insulated Breast Milk Cooler that will keep milk safe for 20 hours*

-Two (Glass) Breast Milk Storage Bottles to keep milk pure and clean.

-Two (2) "Colder than Ice" Ice Packs to ensure her milk stays refrigerated cold.  Extend your 20 hours of cold to 40 with an extra set of ice packs.




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